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Double trouble! Not the candidates, just our naughty Deacons.

Another day of firsts for AFLL over at Louth Masonic Centre. The day was filled with the banter and camaraderie we expect to see at AFLL. We performed a double First Degree ceremony in which Thomas Hancock and Joseph Wilkes were initiated into our ancient fraternity. We also had another joining member, W Bro Martin Goodwin and received a proposition for another joining member. The future is looking very bright for our lodge.


Bro Goat getting the limelight.

An article about our consecration has been published in the Masonic Lincs magazine this month. A very interesting read and Bro Goat even managed to make the front cover alongside our WM Bob Chalklin.


What a way to kick off the first regular meeting of AFLL!

Well what a way to kick off our regular meetings, 5 joining members, 2 proposals for initiates and an Initiation ceremony! We were in Bourne for this meeting and witnessed a  wonderful First Degree Ceremony, in which Jeffrey Nannetti was initiated into our ancient fraternity. Things are looking very bright for AFLL and we cannot wait to see what the future has to offer.